DJI Tello Edu Drone (Education 4 Pack)


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DJI Tello Edu Drone (Education 4 Pack)

4x DJI Tello Edu Drone
4x DJI Tello EDU Battery
4x DJI Tello EDU Propeller Guard Set
4x DJI Tello EDU Propellers Set
1x DJI Tello Guidance Pad

Ryze’s Tello Edu drone is an ideal companion for anyone engaged in STEAM-based learning. The drone provides precise and stable flying thanks to DJI’s cutting-edge flight technology. And the Tello Edu app together with Swift Playgrounds help you learn to write code to program the drone. The Tello Edu app has a colourful interface complete with educational features and visual programming. It pairs with your iPhone or iPad to offer complete control of Tello Edu while simplifying its manoeuvres.


  • Enhance your flight with DJI’s flight control technology
  • Learn coding with Swift, Scratch or Python
  • Program a swarm of drones
  • Mission Pads offer multiple fun uses
  • Unlock more programming possibilities with the upgraded SDK 2.0
  • Control Tello Edu with the app on your iPhone or iPad
  • 5MP photos and 720p video with Electronic Image Stabilisation
  • Precise hovering
  • Multiple flight modes
  • Safe and easy to use