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DJI Tello Edu Drone

Overview Ryze’s Tello Edu drone is an ideal companion for anyone engaged in STEAM-based learning. The drone provides precise and stable flying thanks to DJI’s cutting-edge flight technology. And the Tello Edu app together with Swift Playgrounds help you learn...

DJI Tello EDU Propeller Guards

Specially designed for Tello's propellers, these propeller guards help reduce the risk of damage or injury Protect the propellers and aid in flight safety Small, lightweight, easy to mount and detach

DJI Tello Guidance Pad

The Guidance Pad is designed for programming with a Tello EDU aircraft. Detecting information from the Guidance Pad with vision sensors, Tello EDU can recognize its coordinate position when hovering above the Guidance Pad. Coordinate System Description The patterns on...