Sphero Specdrums Education 12 Pack


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The Specdrums Education 12-pack is the one-stop solution for educators using Specdrums. Use the app-enabled rings to create music anytime, anywhere by turning colours into music with a simple tap. Whether you are teaching music, math, art, science, or language arts, this pack provides the tools to make lessons even more colourful and engaging.

Download the Specdrums Edu app (iOS only) to load the Specdrums Activity Cards provided in the 12-pack. Or use the app to create custom projects and sound packs to use in your own lessons and activities!

Note: Specdrums Education is currently iOS only.

Music: Teach rhythm and aural skills through 12 different Mystery Melodies; sight reading through 12 At First Sight songs; and solfège through Do Re Me Fa Solfège flashcards.

Language and Storytelling: Bring stories to life with Story Soundtracks, a series of 12 cards providing words and sound effects across a variety of genres such as Mystery, Action-Adventure, and Science Fiction.

Art: Play on crafts, play a painting, or play your surroundings! The Art Beat cards give you instructions and ideas for creating custom Specdrums play pad masterpieces.

Maths: Test multiplication skills with the Good Times Tables flashcards.

Science: Explore a variety of science subjects such as biology, ecology, and acoustics through the color-coded Pop Science flashcards.

 What's In the box:

  • 12 Specdrums Rings
  • 6 Play pads
  • 6 Dual micro USBs
  • 1 Device ID Card
  • 8 Sheets of removable stickers (24/sheet)
  • Specdrums Activity Cards Set (suitable for lower primary aged students)
    72 activity cards (7 types of activities)
    Subjects include: Music, maths, ELA, Science, Sounds

Features & Technologies:

  • Tap any colour or the included Play Pad to create sounds, loops, and beats
  • Discover music creation without spending money on expensive, singular instruments
  • Connects via Bluetooth Low Energy as Bluetooth MIDI device Long battery life of 2+ hours per charge
  • Durable, medical grade silicon skin Accelerometer detects taps and gestures
  • Light Sensor recognises thousands of colours
  • LEDs illuminate tapped surfaces
  • Li-ION Battery (2+ hour play time) Micro-USB Charger (1 hour for full charge) Bluetooth LE (15m range, low latency)


The Specdrums MIX app is platform agnostic and works with many BLE iOS and Android devices.  Specific operating systems and device requirements are as follows:

Device Model OS Version
iPad Air and up iOS 11+
iPad Mini 2 and up iOS 11+
iPhone 5sand up iOS 11+
iPod Touch 6th Generation and up iOS 11+
All Google Pixel devices Android 6+
Samsung Galaxy S6 and up Android 6+
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and up Android 6+
Motorola Moto G (3rd generation) and up Android 6+
Nexus 5 and up Android 6+
Redmi Note 4 and up Android 6+
HTC One M8 and up Android 6+
Sony Xperia Z5 and up Android 6+
Nokia 6 and up Android 6+
Supported Languages
Chinese (Simplified) and Chinese (Traditional)
Brazilian Portuguese