a-JAYS One



Upgrade your music experience

Upgrade your music experience with a-JAYS One from our award-winning a-JAYS series of in-ear earphones. We develop our products in-house, which means we can deliver an award-winning music experience along with ergonomic design and durability. a-JAYS One earphones are the essential upgrade to your average standard bundled earphones.

This is where it begins

a-JAYS One earphones feature custom-engineered 8.6mm dynamic driver to bring your music to life. From the outset, we have focused on creating the ultimate listening experience, and that means more than just sound: we also considered durability and ease of use. Together with our signature tangle-free flat cables, the a-JAYS One are made for your everyday comfort.

Effective noise-isolation

Sound leakage is a frustrating problem, especially in loud environments where you are forced to turn the volume up. a-JAYS One come with silicone sleeves which isolate and block out noise by creating a seal in your ear canals, ensuring a rich and fulfilling music experience without straining your ears.

Tangle-free flat cables

Say goodbye to those annoying cable tangles. Whether it's during your next commute to work or your next workout session in the gym, you'll never have to worry about trying to undo the mess thanks to our signature tangle-free flat cables. Designed for functionally, these cables let you enjoy your music fuss-free every time.

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