Adonit Ink M



The Ink-M Stylus’ built-in mouse function is designed to get work done, with two shortcut buttons that act as left and right click, and a touch panel that acts as a touch-sensitive scroll wheel. Additionally, the mouse end is able to work on any device with Bluetooth such as phones, laptops, and computers, it is also compatible with many Microsoft Tablets & 2-in-1 devices.

The two shortcut buttons allow quick switching between functions, you can erase and right click with ease. For a natural writing experience, vary your line thickness with subtle changes in pressure. The Ink-M supports palm-rejection technology in all apps, allowing your palm to rest on the screen comfortably without the need to worry about leaving unwanted lines. The Ink-M Stylus’ advanced technology supports up to 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity. The unique multi-angle mouse sensor is developed to instantaneously detect mouse movement at least 5mm from the surface, providing a seamless experience.

The Ink-M attaches magnetically to the side of your Surface device or to any magnetic surface. The 2-in-1 design is lightweight making it easy to carry the Ink-M anywhere you go. The best tool for remote working or work from home.

The Ink-M uses a USB-C for charging. Both stylus and mouse functions can be used while it is being charged. When fully charged, it allows 30 hours of continuous drawing or 5 hours for mouse function.

  • Mouse Functionality
  • Magnetic Body
  • USB-C charge connector
  • Supports up to 4,096 levels of Pressure Sensitivity
  • Shortcut Buttons for Eraser & Right Click
  • Palm Rejection Technology
  • 30 hours of continuous drawing when fully charged
  • 5 hours of mouse function when fully charged
  • Compatible with many Microsoft Tablets & 2-in-1 devices
  • Bluetooth Compatibility
  • Mouse Sensor detects up to 5mm away from the surface