Catalyst Clip-It Case for AirTag (Black)



Introducing the Total Protection Clip-It case for AirTag. This case is the total solution to fit your lifestyle. Not only is it drop proof and waterproof, but it's the perfect solution for your pets' and kids' valuables.

Each Total Protection Clip-It case for AirTag attaches to most straps ensuring that your prized possessions such as your pet's collar, camera strap, or even kid’s shoes are safe and sound! The Total Protection Clip-It case is engineered for ultimate waterproof protection. It is 100x more waterproof (100m) vs naked AirTag device (1m) meaning you can allow your dog to swim to their heart’s content all the while knowing your device is safe.

Designed with raised edges to protect from bumps and scratches, each Total Protection Clip-It is built for adventure. It has 3m Military Standard 810G Drop Protection ensuring that your essentials are always safe and secure. All Catalyst AirTag cases are completely compatible with the AirTag signal technology ensuring premium protection while emitting sound in hard to find places. Each Total Protection Clip-It case has an open design. It firmly grips your AirTag while keeping your customized AirTag emoji visible.

  • Engineered for Ultimate Waterproof Protection
  • Built for adventure with raised edge protection
  • Showcases custom emoji with an open design
  • No signal or sound loss


  • 100x more waterproof (100m) vs naked AirTag device (1m)
  • 3m Military standard 810G drop protection
  • Dirt and scratch proof silicone material
  • Raised edge protection
  • Showcases custom emoji with an open design
  • Ultra-slim case that is easy to open
  • Washable with EPA approved disinfectants
  • Secure grip with the built-in latch
  • Unrestricted front for audio
  • Latch opens at 90 degrees for more convenient use
  • Teeths on the latch for firmer grips
  • Accepts narrow to 30mm wide straps and belts
  • Dimensions: 40 x 41.96 x 16.5mm (W x L x H)

Compatible with:

  • Apple AirTag 2021

What’s in the box:

  • 1 x Case Front (with Non-Slip Grip Twist Cap)
  • 1 x Silicone Wrap (with Sealing Rib to protect against water & shock)
  • 1 x Case Back (with Clip that fastens to belts and straps up to 30mm wide)