GoCube GoCube-X


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The perfect way to get into the world of cubing! The GoCube-X is a smart Bluetooth Cube that connects to your phone or tablet. It is the ultimate way to learn how to solves the cube through play, fun and new digital interaction! Challenge your mind and “wow” your family and friends with the GoCube-X.

The GoCube 2x2 app guides you through the secrets of cubing and brings new mini-games. Go from beginner to cuber to pro in no time, whether learning, improving, or playing, the GoCube app takes your cubing to the next level.

  • Learn how to solve the cube and play Mini-Games
  • Put your brain to the test and challenge yourself
  • Great for all ages and capabilities
  • Keep your family entertained and challenged for hours
  • Turns screen time into a quality time
  • Tutorial, Mini Games, Speed Cube
  • Tracking Accuracy 0.001 sec
  • Classic shape with neon stickers

What’s in the box:

  • GoCube-X
  • Coin Battery included (secured)