MAD CATZ R.A.T. 4+ Gaming Mouse (Black)


Vendor: Mad Catz SKU: MR03MCINBL000-0

The R.A.T. 4+ is built upon a lightweight chassis and features an accurate optical sensor, adjustable palm rest and 7 programmable buttons. With an incredible response time, the R.A.T. 4+ dominates the battlefield and levels-up your gaming.

The R.A.T. range is precision engineered with adjustable key components to enhance your gameplay experience. R.A.T. 4+ features the signature adjustable palm rest and has been expertly engineered to accommodate grip, claw, or finger-tip style play, delivering ultimate gaming comfort even in the heat of battle.

R.A.T. 4+ is armed with a gaming-grade Pixart PMW 3330 optical sensor, featuring a 4-level DPI switch from 800 to 7200 DPI and delivering movement speeds of up to 150 inches per second. The R.A.T. 4+ has been crafted for the fast-paced gameplay of today's competitive gaming, giving you the edge you need to win!

Program your favourite commands and macros to each of the 7 buttons and save them to 4 individual profile slots on R.A.T. 4+. All your moves for the games you play the most, right at your fingertips when you need them.

R.A.T. customisation goes beyond physical adjustment. Regardless of your preferred genre or style of play, every aspect of the sensor, button configuration and lighting can be tweaked to enhance performance.

  • Highly Accurate Optical Sensor providing 7200 DPI performance
  • Adjustable palm rest with super lightweight chassis
  • 7 programmable buttons
  • Dynamic ergonomics
  • Powerful software to customise performance

Specifications (Sensor System):

  • Sensor Name: PMW3330
  • Sensor Type: Optical
  • DPI (Dot Per Inch) Max: 7200
  • IPS (Inch per Second): 150
  • Acceleration: 30G
  • Polling Rate: 1ms

Specifications (Design):

  • Shape: Ergonomic, Right-Handed
  • Colour: Black / White
  • Grip Style: Universal
  • 7 Buttons
  • Adjustability: Palm Rest
  • Illumination: Red LED
  • Dimension: 108 x 89 x 38 mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 93 g
  • Cable Type: Braided Fibre
  • Cable Length: 1.8 m

Specifications (Compatibility):

  • System Requirements: Windows 7, 8, 10