Rewards + Loyalty Programs

MacGear was established in 2006 and represents leading and emerging brands. We are a full service partner for our brands representing them every step of the way. We distribute to Retail, Education, Commercial, Online and Loyalty Programs. For more info please click here or please contact us.

Our Network
Through our extensive distribution network, brands and partners we are able to represent many of New Zealand's leading brands from Technology to Outdoors. We are not limited by who we represent, rather we carefully choose the best fit, adding value to our current range of products.

More than just logistics
We are not just logistics! We are all about delivering the full experience. MacGear is focused on making this experience something your customer will remember. It could be a reward letter, exchange card, your own packaging or simply the fact we ship direct to the door. No more pick-ups! We believe in simplicity and customer service and ensure we deliver this.

Brand Exposure and Marketing
Our loyalty programs are the perfect place to represent your brand and a fantastic way to market your products, where you can be involved in marketing campaigns familiar with most New Zealanders. With our expertise and knowledge we ensure you get maximum exposure of your products and we know what is required to make this happen.

Partner with us
Our aim is to partner with ambitious and leading brands connecting them with successful Loyalty programs in New Zealand. Contact us if you’re interested in jumping on board.