Loyalty Programs

Our Network
Through our extensive distribution network, brands and partners we are able to represent many of New Zealand's leading brands from Technology to Outdoors. We are not limited to what we represent but carefully pick out the best to bring value to your customers.

Complete Logistics
We are not just logistics! We are all about delivering the experience. MacGear its focused on making this an experience your customer will remember. From a reward letter, exchange card, your own packaging or simply the fact we can ship direct to the door. No more pick ups! 

Brand Exposure and Marketing
Not only are loyalty programs a great place to represent your brand but it is also a fantastic way to market your products and be involved in marketing campaigns that most New Zealanders are familiar with. We are experts in how to get the maximum exposure for your products and what is required. 

Partner with us
We want to partner with the most ambitious, leading brands and connect them with the best Loyalty programs in New Zealand. Please contact us if you are interested in joining us on this journey.