Paperlike Screen Protector (v2.1) for Writing & Drawing for iPad Pro 11" & iPad Air 10.9" (x2 Pack)

Paperlike SKU: PL2A-11-18

Paperlike Screen Protector (v2.1) for Writing & Drawing for iPad Pro 11" & iPad Air 10.9" (x2 Pack)

Paperlike SKU: PL2A-11-18
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Paperlike is the ultimate screen protector for writers, artists, and notetakers.

Looking for a way to be more productive and creative when using your iPad? Check out Paperlike, the high-quality screen protector that makes writing and drawing on your iPad a breeze.

The surface of every Paperlike is covered in tiny microbeads — called Nanodots — that provide increased stroke resistance and improved tactile feedback while you write and draw. The result:  Superior control, improved precision, and better performance every time you pick up your Apple Pencil.

The latest iteration of Paperlike is manufactured using Swiss-based polymers to deliver improved picture clarity while still retaining the papery feel that tens of thousands of notetakers and artists around the world have come to know and love.

Plus, every Paperlike comes in a set of two, so you’ll always have a spare on hand.

Fall in love with writing and drawing your iPad.  Do your best work with Paperlike.

  • For writers & notetakers - From class notes and study sessions to first drafts of big ideas, Paperlike helps you bring natural handwriting into your digital process. Write normally using your Apple Pencil and leverage any app to keep track of your handwritten notes.
  • For every digital artist - Whether you want to sketch a scene or get started on your next big masterpiece, Paperlike can help. Nanodots technology ensures that your lines are straight, and your strokes are precise, making it the perfect companion when drawing details and adding colour.
  • For busy professionals - Using a daily planner? Want to take notes during the office call? Need to pencil someone in for a meeting? Ditch the paper and digitize your workflow with Paperlike. Use an iPad to keep track of your day-to-day. Take notes, write naturally, and wrangle your workday onto a single device with the power of Paperlike.
  • For you - Ready to ditch old notebooks and worn-out sketchbooks? Paperlike delivers unparalleled accuracy and precision to digital projects big and small. Empower your paperless process. Write, draw, and be more productive than ever before with Paperlike.


  • iPad Pro 11” 3rd Gen (2018)
  • iPad Pro 11” 4th Gen (2020)
  • iPad Pro 11” 5th Gen (2021)
  • iPad Pro 11” 6th Gen (2022)
  • iPad Air 10.9” 4th Gen (2020)
  • iPad Air 10.9” 5th Gen (2022)

What’s in the box:

  • 2 x iPad Screen Protectors by Paperlike with exclusive Nanodots technology
  • 2 x Wet Wipes
  • 1 x Dry Screen Wipes
  • 2 x Dust Absorbers
  • 2 x Sticker Guide Sheets

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