Withings BPM Core - Wi-Fi Smart Blood Pressure Monitor with ECG & Digital Stethoscope

Withings SKU: WPM-04-AU

Withings BPM Core - Wi-Fi Smart Blood Pressure Monitor with ECG & Digital Stethoscope

Withings SKU: WPM-04-AU
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Get to know BPM Core, the world’s first blood pressure monitor that monitors blood pressure and heart rate plus records an ECG and heart sounds which may help lead to the detection of two major under-diagnosed heart diseases, atrial fibrillation and the most prevalent forms of valvular heart disease. See your results directly on the device with immediate colour-coded feedback. BPM Core synchronises seamlessly via Wi-Fi & Bluetooth to the free Withings app where you can read your complete data history and share it with your doctor.

BMP Core's integrated electrocardiogram (ECG) helps detect and records atrial fibrillation (AFib), the most common form of arrhythmia, which can lead to heart failure, fatigue and shortness of breath and is a major risk for stroke.

The integrated digital stethoscope may detect abnormal heart sounds which may be a sign of valvular heart disease, a condition characterised by a defect of the heart valves that may require surgical intervention to avoid heart failure.

Better by design, BPM Core gives instant colour-coded feedback on the LED screen of the device right after the measurement: systolic and diastolic blood pressure, heart rate and atrial fibrillation. This compact device is rechargeable and lasts up to 6 months with one charge.

You will find your full data history in the free Withings app via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth synchronisation. With Wi-Fi synchronisation, no need to have your smartphone next to you during or after the measurement as data is automatically synchronised via your home Wi-Fi network.

Use BPM Core for prevention or to check the efficacy of your treatment and a few taps on your smartphone is all it takes to share measurements with your doctor, including your ECG records.

  • Blood pressure monitor - systolic and diastolic plus heart rate
  • Electrocardiogram - helps detect atrial fibrillation, the most common form of arrhythmia
  • Digital stethscope - listens to your heart & may detect abnormal heart sounds that may be indicative of valvular heart disease
  • Easy to use - wireless, only one button to press, rechargeable
  • Easy to understand - immediate results on the LED screen of the device with a color-coded feedback
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth sync - automatic data sync to the Withings app
  • Unmilited data storage - free & unlimited access to your data history
  • Share with your doctor - easily email a full report to your healthcare provider with ECG record (only on iOS)
  • Works with Apple Health - automatically retrieve your blood pressure data on Apple Health


  • ECG materials - taken via two stainless-steel electrodes located inside the cuff, and one on the tube.
  • Digital stethoscope materials - silicone membrane and stainless-steel support
  • Dimensions & weight - 35 x 190 x 55 mm / 450 g 
  • Display - LED matrix screen
  • Connectivity - Bluetooth® & Wi-Fi
  • Battery life - Lasts up to 6 months (rechargeable) via micro-USB
  • Charging time - Approximately 2 hours to 100% / Approximately 1 hour to 80%
  • Compatibility - iOS 10 (or higher) and Android™ 6 (or higher)
  • Storage and memory  - Unlimited storage on Withings cloud, and up to 8 measurements without synchronization in Bluetooth® or Wi-Fi
  • Accuracy - Pressure accuracy: Within +- 3 mmHg or 2% of reading
  • Arm circumference - Between 22 cm and 42 cm

What's in the box:

  • Withings BPM Core
  • Charging cable
  • Instruction manual


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