Retail + Online

MacGear was established in 2006 and represents leading and emerging brands. We are a full service partner for our brands representing them every step of the way. We distribute to Retail, Education, Commercial, Online and Loyalty Programs. For more info please click here or please contact us.

From Smart Home, Gaming, Education and Accessories. We are focused on delivery a brand strategy that adds value to our resellers and makes sense to the consumer.

We have reps in all major stores who are merchandising, training, reporting and running in-store demonstrations. Having reps in stores is a critical part of our offering, as full service partners for our brands.

We work with our buyers to create and establish new categories. As the industry evolves and new categories such as Smart Home emerge, we often work with our brands right through the process all the way to retail level. 

Marketing / PR
Through our network of media, influencers and tech reviewers, we have the ability to take an unknown brand direct to market using this same strategy to launch their brand effectively.

Technology and Product Feeds
Our ability to be flexible and proactive with technology, using drop ship models, direct feeds and reporting lets us maintain our brands front-and-centre. This technology gives us the ability to change with the fluid world we live in.